Bridging the Gaps: Our PhD Student Vicente interns at ESA, Applying Machine Learning to Astrophysics Literature


The Deepthought Initiative (DTI) collaboration applies computational techniques and tools to analyze the vast literature in scientific research, with a specific focus on leveraging machine learning to understand astrophysics literature. Vicente Amado Olivo's research revolves around tracking astrophysics publications and identifying astronomers worldwide through publications on arXiv. Being part of a research group comprising astrophysicists, Vicente's work in computational meta-research ensures that the tools developed by DTI are directly applicable to the needs of astrophysicists. To further their research in astrophysics meta-research, Vicente is visiting ESAC, a world-leading space agency, in order to gain firsthand experience with their current research systems, understand their future needs, actively participate in a proposal cycle, and collaborate with the librarians at ESA.